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The library was initially established in 2017 with the establishment of the college. The library is on the second floor and has a total area of 600 square feet with separate digital facilities and reading room facilities. The library has a rich collection of resources including textbooks, reference books, bare act commentary, journals, e-databases, and newspapers.  All in-house operations in the library are computerized using the e-library software package (KOHA-Library Automation Software)  

There is a always give-and-take relationship between libraries and society. What it gives to society gets back manifold and this process continues hence a library is said to be a growing as well as a developing organism. In this information age, libraries have a challenging role to play.

Thus, It has been upgraded from a traditional library to an automated library, further to electronic, and now to a digital library. This changing role of the library has been very well acknowledged by the library of Hindi Vidya Prachar Samiti’s College of Law. It has a treasure trove of information and over a decade now the library has come a long way in terms of its resources as well as the services that it provides to its user.

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